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First, Some agencies vary on this, but I recommend getting professional, industry-standard photos of your baby or toddler. Why? Because industry-standard professional images show the potential buyer or casting director exactly what your child will look like when shooting for their professional project. I do not recommend using portrait or snapshot photography as the only tool for your agency to use in representation. Unfortunately, your son will grow up very quickly, so he doesn’t need to spend thousands of dollars on his shoots, however, he does need to use the best photographers he can afford. Typical releases for lifestyle markets can range from $350 to $600. Also, unless specifically required by your agency, I do not recommend mass reproducing these photos. After 6 to 8 months, he will have to re-photograph and those images will be out of date. The benefit of taking these industry standard professional photos is that the agency can use them as well as the parents have amazing photos every 6-8 months for the child’s scrapbook.

Second, Remember that every agency is different and baby/toddler projects are often the smallest part of what the agency reserves. So you don’t have to expect a call, audition, or booking every month. However, a project could pay you back.

Third, the agency needs to be very aware of your baby’s temperament. Is your child sleepy? Speak? Smile a lot? When does your child nap? Does your child easily get acquainted with new people or does it take a little getting used to? This is important, as some projects and buyers need specific types of babies. Not all projects need a baby with a perfect smile.

Four, feel free to enter your baby/toddler into online contests and projects. This could help pay back your investment in pictures and amazing photos of your child could help you gain additional exposure. Just be sure to approve each project with your talent agency.

Finally, Always check with your agency via email and email any updated snapshots you take of your child. For example, if your child gets their first tooth, the agency needs to know about it. This is important as your child changes frequently and the booking agent or agency needs to know about these changes. Also, it’s important to make sure your agency has the correct sizes, as not all 2-year-olds wear a 2T.

Have fun with images and give your agency the best tool they have to represent your baby/toddler!

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