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Sometimes you are attracted to a woman, but you are not sure if she is attracted to you.

It’s not very often that a girl goes out and says to a guy, “Hey, I’m really into you. Let’s go on a date!” If so, consider yourself lucky, but even in today’s liberated world, women often leave all the hard work to guys to set up dates. With online dating, there are different ways to determine if that girl is interested in you, but let’s assume you’re dating her in person and looking for leads.

Here are six of the best tracks.

1. Body language

A great way to tell if a girl likes you and is romantically interested is her body language. Often this includes twisting hair distractingly. If the girl you’re dating can’t stop playing with her hair while she’s talking to you, this is a sign that she’s nervous around you and quite possibly interested in some physical action.

Watch your posture when you are sitting. Does he lean in to hear what you have to say, even when acoustics aren’t an issue? This points to a very high level of attraction on his part towards you. Also, be careful with your leg positions if you’re sitting across from each other. The legs apart is an inviting pose, almost inviting you to have sex. Legs crossed with one foot pointed directly at you is also a great indicator of sexual interest. The demure pose with legs together, hands on knees is, on the other hand, a sign of lack of interest.

If she’s constantly touching you, even a light and seemingly insignificant brush against your arm, this could mean she’s hot for you!

2. It asks if you are on Facebook

If he asks you about your Facebook status early on, then this is a great sign of his interest. This will give him the opportunity to follow up with you in a more relaxed and less stressful environment. If your new date also asks for your private email, be prepared for prolonged contact with this girl. He may even be thinking of sending you some naughty photos, depending on how you’re doing with his other subconscious displays of attraction to you.

3. She offers to pay for a date.

When a girl wants to pay for the date, this is a great indicator. She is willing to take on the financial burden and make a great impression on you. If this is a first date and she pulls her bag out, then she likes you big time.

4. Laughter at inappropriate times

If you’re telling a serious or sad story on your date and she laughs at the wrong time, she’s probably so caught up in looking into your eyes that she can’t focus on what you have to say. She wants you bad!

5. Reduce personal space to zero

Most of us like to keep a minimum physical distance between ourselves and others (personal space). When she reduces this gap to zero, and she’s virtually on top of you, then clearly you’re a winner with this girl. On the other hand, if you try to do the same and she keeps backing away, she definitely doesn’t like you.

6. She lets you take her home in her car.

When a girl trusts you with her car, there’s a good chance she’ll trust you with her body! Be nice to both of you on a date with her, and you’ll soon find out if she’s attracted to you or not.

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