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If you’re renovating your home and considering new replacement windows, you have several great styles to choose from these days, including beautiful casement windows. You already know these windows: they are attached to their frames by hinges (usually on the side) and are opened by a crank or lever (usually at the bottom) that also serves as a lock for the window.

Casement windows have been around for a long time, since the poets wrote about them, you could say. But modern casement windows are more than just beauty. They are a smart choice. In fact, I see a number of great benefits of choosing casement windows over other styles:

If you want an unobstructed view: Frames are a fabulous option for rooms that face the ocean, lakes, forests, meadows, or mountains. Unlike sash windows, all you see is the glass and your beautiful view. (Now you know why poets love them!) You’ll want to just sit back and enjoy the view for hours.

If you want to fully open your windows: Do you like the outdoors? Yes, this window is for you nature lovers! No other window design opens as wide. As a bonus, casement windows catch the side breeze. Because casement windows have an open sash that acts like a flap, it can channel air into your home. This is a real boon if your home is close to another house or building, with very little space between them for air to enter directly. And they can be hinged on the left or right side to swing open, further maximizing the amount of air you can capture.

Let the sunlight in but keep the thieves out: The frames let in a lot of light, creating a bright and positive interior atmosphere. At the same time, they keep out unwanted intruders, because the windows are very difficult to break. This is because casement window locks are hook-shaped and these hooks are embedded within the frame, making them virtually untouchable. I should add, on the subject of safety, that casement windows tend to be discouraged in homes with children. But there’s no need to worry, because today’s casement windows are available with childproof safety handles.

Very versatile: These windows remain beautiful, but can be easily installed on either side of a bay window or in a bay or bow window to add additional charm and character to your room. And with a full range of colors, sidings, grilles, screens and hardware to suit every taste, modern casement windows let you enhance your home’s unique style.

Here’s another thought: If you’re remodeling your kitchen, don’t discount the idea of ​​a casement window over a sink or cabinets, where opening and closing traditional sash windows can be a real chore. The windows, with their crank, are easier to open.

It’s easy to be green: These windows are weather tight, and that’s great news for today’s energy-conscious homeowners. When you close a casement window, it fits perfectly into your home. And because they’re solid pieces of argon-fired Low-E glass, they’re incredibly energy efficient. Once you’ve installed your replacement casement windows, just sit back and watch your energy savings add up.

The sounds of the silence: That airtight “comfort” has another benefit: silence. Frames can really keep noise out, and this is especially true of Andersen’s FIBREX windows, a unique patented compound that has the added feature of durability. FIBREX doesn’t rot, even in those salty sea breezes! So many reasons to take a second look at replacement casement windows for your next home renovation project! Gerry Rogers is the founder and president of Mr. Rogers Windows. He has been selling and installing home improvement products for over 20 years. After introducing their Worry-Free Lifetime Performance Guarantee, Gerry has earned the trust of thousands of customers by “doing the right thing” to ensure total satisfaction when it comes to quality products and installation. Visit the Mr. Rogers website to learn more about choosing the right windows for your home and lifestyle.

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