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Fireplaces are great outdoor cooking equipment that is very versatile, not only do they look great but they are very practical. Many people now have fireplaces in their backyards as they not only cook but also keep you warm when the evening starts to cool down. They are portable and can be easily moved when you want to remodel or move house.

A Chiminea is a freestanding fireplace, very similar to a fire pit although they are totally enclosed. The fireplaces are front-loading and have a vertical chimney that is designed to ensure smoke is carried away from the food and has a constant breeze allowing the fire to stay burning longer. They often have a bulbous design that allows them to cook large amounts of food in them. The Chiminea originated in Mexico and has been a staple clay design for many years. They were used thousands of years ago by members of Mexican tribes to provide warmth for their families, as well as a container for cooking and baking. They were designed this way to ensure that rain could not reach the wood and put out the fire.

In Mexico they have very little rainfall, so the need to seal them was not that great and they could produce a low shine most of the time. Chimneys often purchased today are left untreated and will be damaged by rain if not treated soon after purchase. Fireplaces are a great way to control your fire, as they can be turned on and off while you’re doing other things. You don’t need to worry about standing and watching the fire burn as everything is controlled in the bulbous area. Today you can get Chimineas in several different styles and shapes, and they are even made of steel and metal. Whichever design you buy will look great and serve many purposes within your garden setting.

They have become very popular with average households in the UK and around the world as they are easy to use and look great in any garden. Very often people buy them simply to use as a garden ornament as they look so unique, but they are also great for cooking. You can cook so many different items inside the fireplace and they are great for smoking fish and meats. If you are hosting a family BBQ or event, the fireplace is great, it will not only cook your food but also keep your guests warm all night long.

They are ideal if you want a hassle-free outdoor fire and can often burn types of wood that will repel insects in the area. You can sit and relax near your fireplace while enjoying good company and chilled wine. It will stay warm for some time and will mean you will get more out of your outdoor space. You can buy a Chiminea in many stores and garden centers and although they are not as cheap as other barbecues, they will last longer and are multifunctional. They are worth the extra money just to make your garden look unique and fantastic.

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