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Surely you have heard that you should spend at least two months salary on an engagement ring. However, this exorbitant expense is not necessary for dating women. However, most men think that when you start dating a girl, the money will impress her and therefore they end up spending way over budget in the hope that they can buy the woman’s love and affection. However, what this will give you is a broken heart and an empty wallet. Here comes the challenge: you have to go on a fantastic date so that you can really wow your date, without breaking the bank or looking like a cheap skate. Sound impossible? Maybe, but I don’t think so.

First of all, you will discover that women, despite how movies portray them, are for the most part very easy to please. As long as the mood is romantic, they won’t mind if you take them to a picnic under the stars instead of Chez-Dollar Sign. That is, unless of course they’re money-seeking gold diggers looking for a sugar daddy and, if that’s the case, then she won’t want to associate with them anyway.

The next time you’re looking to date a girl, think about how much you should really spend. First dates shouldn’t spend terribly much. This is a way for serial daters to get a fantastically expensive meal, without paying you back, if you know what I mean. Don’t fall into this trap. A first date at a pretty good restaurant is great, but if she’s from out of town, taking her to a restaurant that really showcases your local cuisine is even better. Many times these restaurants, even if they may be “holes in the wall”, can still offer you authentic food for a very low price. Also, when you show her your beautiful city, you show her that you are interested enough in her to let her see a little of your life. If the woman in your life is from the same town as you, you can always find out which restaurants she hasn’t been to and frequent some of her favorites, you can also ask her to suggest a great place that she is out of her. off the road and out of the way so you and she can have a good time together without having to wait for a table.

The art of the picnic is extinct, but you can revive it and turn it into a successful date. A nice day at the park can really add to the romance and show that you’re creative. Yes, a good picnic requires more planning on your part than, say, a night out at a fancy restaurant, but believe me, it will be worth it when you see the effort you put into making your time together special. . Make sure to bring a nice big blanket to lie down on and possibly a blanket underneath if you plan on hanging out after the sun goes down and it starts to get a little chilly. As far as the menu is concerned, you can always cook something, or you can go to those chain restaurants for delicious Italian food for lunch or dinner. If you decide to go there, don’t just serve food in your Styrofoam container, take the food and put it in a Tupperware type bowl and make sure you have some decent looking plates or bowls to serve the food on. They make great disposable plates, but make sure you don’t spend too little on the plates, no girl wants grease seeping through and ruining her favorite dress. Most of the parks do not allow you to bring alcohol, but they do allow a good glass of sparkling cider after a good meal while the sun goes down; will bring the element of romance to your date.

Finally, are you cooking for her? Yes, I know that can be a scary thought, but with the recipes that have been included in her kit, you should have no problem making a really good meal, even if you are a novice in the kitchen. Don’t be too upset if a woman doesn’t want the first date to be at home, a woman feels that when she meets a man for the first time it should be in public to make sure she’s not going to be thrown into a well and say ” you rub the lotion into your skin or put the hose back on.” You may have to spend a little money before you can hit the start dates, but this is all part of the game. Once you get her comfortable coming over to your house for dinner, make sure your venue is suitable for a female presence. The bathroom should be clean and smell good, with clean towels, toilet paper, and soap so she can relieve herself properly. Also clean your house before she steps foot in the door. Make sure you have clean dishes. You still want to impress this woman, even if it’s not the first date, and trust me, a woman will notice if you’re obnoxious. Make sure that by the time she arrives, dinner is about to be served. You can make her look like you actually cooked the food by doing a little cooking while she’s there, make sure to give her a nice glass of wine while she waits, and then you can serve, but don’t keep her waiting. too long. Just because the dinner she’s serving isn’t at a fancy restaurant doesn’t mean she can skimp on the ambiance. Light candles and dim the lights. Make sure your house smells good, and not just like the Clorox you used 5 minutes before she came to the door, and make sure you have good music. Enjoyable music, I mean, music for dinner, you may both love heavy metal, but listening to that will give both of you indigestion, so wait for the hardcore stuff until later.

No matter what date suggestion you have, be sure to give your date an idea of ​​where you’re going and what you’re doing. A woman wearing 3-inch stilettos and a lanky, silky black dress won’t appreciate going to the park to lounge, so be sure to let your date know a little bit about what you’ve planned ahead of time so she can plan ahead, too. . Try not to worry too much about how much things cost, rather focus on making sure the conversation is lively and enjoyable and you’ll get much further with it than you would if you were just spending money to make a good impression.

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