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At the current time of writing, there are almost limitless amounts of media to absorb. You have your books, comics, TV shows, music, movies, internet videos, social media and many more that I can’t think of. People have been creating things over time and are continuing to create this very second. The amount of time it would take to digest it all seems infinite and multiplies on itself. Factoring in the daily work required to maintain a healthy body, portions of the day go from two hours to thousands of hours of potential reading, viewing, or listening to something. Let me tell you about a few times when I was conflicted by the endless options.

With some reading material, the decisions are endless with reading books, comics, manga, or visual novels. You can go for something meaningful with a biography/autobiography of a remarkably real person, the visually wordy adventures of a caped crusader, a black and white story of friends going through their daily school lives, or making new friends mostly static images. What you can read is not just limited to words. All of these options were quite tempting at the time of their discovery. What I didn’t know was that these many options eventually added up. The reasons are many, some of which include making your long-term commitment. The media outlet may also come to an unpleasant moment and may cause you to leave it for a period of time. After picking up something else, the book can be forgotten and only recognized when something else is finished. This usually happens with series that would release a new entry every month or some period of time.

For example, I may be reading a 500-page book that would take me two weeks to finish. As you pick it up and put it down periodically, the book can be challenged by a new contender. A comic with fewer pages and visual content to describe the background through images instead of words. Why shouldn’t you take this quick trip through comic book land? After a refreshing break in that mysterious land of comics, I head out to find something else to read. Wait a minute, friend. You have that book that you left behind to read that comic, you should finish reading that book. Then I would say, “I can always come back to that later.” I proceed to look for something else and completely forget about the original book for a few months.

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