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Minecraft has become a popular game played by countless fans around the world on various Minecraft servers. If you’re planning to get started with Minecraft server hosting, here are some top tips to make your server stand out from the rest.

Develop an interesting topic.

Choosing a theme is very important when it comes to making the ideal server. It is important to do your research to find out what themes are popular with gamers around the world. It is also possible to add a variety of themes that more players can enjoy. Worlds separated by themes will increase your chances of getting more players on your server, thanks to the flexibility of the game.

rent a server

A good server will probably cost money, but it will be necessary if you want to create a great Minecraft server. Your PC can probably help you and a couple of friends, but if you want to have a community with hundreds of people, you need a server that can run well 24/7. These can be expensive, but you get a good interface to set up with, and customer service will help you fix problems when they arise. It’s also a good idea to purchase your own domain once your server has reached a certain level of popularity.

Design an unforgettable breeding area

The first thing players will see when they join your server is your spawn area. Having a creative and attractive spawn area will increase the chances of players exploring your server as it is their first impression of your server. The server rules can be posted on posters in the spawn area or a plugin can be installed to make sure users read the server rules before playing on the server.

Choose and install your plugins

Once you have figured out what type of server you want, you need to install some plugins. There are some basic plugins that every server should have to make it safe and convenient for players. This makes Minecraft server hosting much easier.

PermisosEx: gives you the possibility to create permissions for the players. You can create member groups and guest groups for old and new players that will give them the ability to play on the server and you can create an admin group for people who will be in charge. You can also make other groups, according to your requirements.

Essential: These are basic requirements for any server. Essentials Spawn is highly recommended for setting up your server and also assigning your spawn areas. Essentials Chat for text format is another reliable option.

WorldEdit – Takes some getting used to but helps a lot with the ability to quickly remove and add spaces and structures. It even has a copy and paste option.


After all the steps above are done, you should start advertising your server on the Minecraft forums. Your first priority for advertising would be the official Minecraft forum and then others. Give forum users something to watch by designing attractive custom banners and installing a listener. A listener rewards users who voted for their server by giving them money and in-game items.

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