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For chronic alcoholism, it is never recommended to detox at home because withdrawal from severe alcoholism could be dangerous in the absence of experts. The advice of doctors, clinics and detoxification centers should always be heeded in case of chronic alcoholism.

However, moderate drinkers sometimes opt for a home detox, the natural way. However, a word of caution, a prior consultation with a doctor is essential to avoid any unwarranted situation.

The biggest obstacle to sobriety from alcohol is desire. Fighting cravings has always been a challenge for drinkers. During cravings, an addict receives signals from the brain to drink alcohol to normalize body function. Most of the time, people give in to temptations and end up drinking every time.

Herbs can sometimes help people resist these persistent cravings and succeed in quitting alcohol, especially when the alcoholism is not very severe. Here, we discuss some herbs that can help reduce alcohol cravings:

Kudzu: It is a wild vine that contains a chemical compound called daidzin. Which is known to help fight alcohol cravings. Daidzin is considered very effective in counteracting temptations and the urge to reach for the glass.

Dandelion: It is a cleansing herb that can be consumed as a tea. Known to cure alcohol dependence and relieve withdrawal symptoms, 3 to 5 g of dried dandelion roots can be consumed three times a day to have the desired effects.

Grass of San Juan: An herbal antidepressant, St. John’s wort helps immensely in reducing alcohol cravings. The chemical pigment called hyperforin is said to be responsible for reducing craving and subsequently eating. Another added bonus of this herb is that it works wonders on mild to moderate depression.

milk thistle: Popularly known as Silybum Marianum, Milk Thistle is not only a remedy for alcohol cravings, but is also good for treating liver damage caused by prolonged alcohol consumption. This herbal remedy contains an active ingredient called silymarin that cleanses liver toxicity caused by alcohol intake.

Angelica: This herb is also known as Quai and is considered a superior detoxifying agent that helps reduce alcohol cravings. A person who consumes Angelica develops a serious dislike for alcohol in a short period of time and becomes reluctant to drink. The benefit comes from the herb’s antihistamine properties, which work best for motivated and binge drinkers.

Cayenne pepper: This herb is known to be effective on intense cravings for alcohol and is a great herbal remedy for stomach cramps that result from excessive alcohol consumption. This herb is even said to calm withdrawal symptoms like anxiety and irritability.

evening primrose: This is also considered a spectacular herb to reduce alcohol cravings. This herb is consumed by extracting the oil from its seeds, which significantly reduces cravings for alcohol.

Ginseng: This is a popular herb used in various medicines throughout the world. Treated as a wonder herb, ginseng helps reduce alcohol cravings. It breaks down alcohol in the body and then removes toxins. However, chronic and severe cases of alcoholism should seek professional treatment at an alcohol detox center.

skull cap: This is another popular herbal remedy for alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Relieves tension and anxiety, and reduces cravings for alcohol.

Goldenseal: This herb has a bitter taste. The antiviral and antifungal properties of this herb are responsible for reducing the craving for alcohol.

Flower of the Passion: This herb helps reduce alcohol cravings and treat anxiety disorders due to alcohol intake.

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