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With the plethora of home and garden television shows currently on the air, many of us have gotten the “renovation worm,” that inexplicable desire to dismantle and rebuild our homes and create the home of our dreams. Whether you’re contemplating renovating, restoring, or redecorating your home, at its core, what you’re really striving to do is create the right setting for your lives and the lives of our families and friends.

Changing your home can be an incredibly enjoyable process that unleashes your inner creativity while expanding our understanding of ourselves, our families, and our aspirations. The key to a successful renovation can be broken down into your planning, adaptability, and research.

Of course, the big question everyone asks before a renovation is “Will my renovation wreak havoc on my life and my family?” The honest answer to this is “Yes”, but often in a great and unexpected way! Renovations or redesign of our homes allow us to grow, learn more about ourselves and create the right environment for our lives in which we imagine living.


o Be realistic: If you live in a bungalow and are remodeling your basement family room and love living in an urban loft, 14-foot ceilings, and views of downtown, you’re not going to make it. However, if you want it to have a contemporary look with warmth, sexiness, and cutting edge, then that’s completely doable.

o Have a detailed budget for your project. – Calculate EVERYTHING from nuts and bolts to silks and light plates. Make sure your designer and/or contractor knows what the budget cap is for each project and item and if you go over one of them, that means you’ll have to cut back elsewhere or accept the budget increase.

o Research the best contractor for you. – Find the best contractor that suits your project, your personality and shares your design vision. Be sure to meet with at least 3 designers or contractors before making a decision.

o Understand lead times – custom sofas can take 12-14 weeks. Custom cabinetry typically takes 10-16 weeks; some fabrics may take up to 3 months. RESEARCH your selections so there are no misunderstandings.

o Put a positive spin on the process: The reality is that there will be bad days and inconveniences without water or without a kitchen or both. If you have kids make it a fun experience pitch a tent and camp in an area of ​​the house to make it fun for them and budget for a hotel suite for the worst period and do all the ugly stuff during your absence. Be sure to think creatively about how to put the best “spin” on yourself and your family during tough times.

o Don’t sweat the small stuff: If for some reason something is delayed beyond anyone’s expectations, it won’t do you any good to explode and send your blood pressure through the roof. For the “no show” item, please reselect the item or accept that it is overdue. Those are literally the only options, so make life easier for yourself (and your family) and learn how to tailor your layout plan (I always recommend having a backup selection just in case to avoid wasting time and money).

Of course, before you can start ANY renovation, you need to figure out “who you are” and “what your style is”. Are you passionate about Traditional, Contemporary, Transitional, Modern, Urban, Zen, Ethnic or Eclectic styles? You cannot successfully begin this process without being able to firmly establish what your style is and what your goal is for your renewal and how you live your life. You’ll also need the help of a good designer to perfect what you’re trying to create. Make sure to go out and see what’s available; go to as many showrooms and vendors as possible. You will find these trips to be inspiring and also a great learning experience.

As we all know, the biggest, most expensive, and most detailed project in your home renovation is your kitchen. When planning the design of your new kitchen, determine what suits your lifestyle; You are growing needs and your aesthetics. Always keep in mind that your kitchen is critical to your home resale, so plan wisely. Plan not only for the big things like appliances, flooring, cabinets, and countertops, but also for the little details that really make a design great, like hardware, lighting, hidden and built-in storage, and items that reflect your personality and style. Think if you LOVE to cook (then add a faucet over your stove), have frequent visitors (then put a sink on the island), have a large family (then open up some walls and really make it the heart of your home. Answers to these questions will guide the accessories and appliances you choose for your kitchen.

When mapping out your kitchen layout, don’t just rely on the kitchen planner or designers’ words that the space is ideal for you and your family. Take a careful look at your plan and think about how to best maximize your kitchen space and make your life easier. No one knows your needs and the needs of your family as well as you do. How about adding a multi-use island with sinks, storage, prep, and seating? What about the impressive new professional sinks with integrated pasta cookers?

When we talk about kitchen design, we’re really talking about options, hundreds and hundreds of options for every aspect of your kitchen. For example, when selecting your countertops, you can have tile, granite (a designer favorite), marble (awesome but not kid-friendly), solid surface, stainless steel (sleek and modern), wood, concrete (perfect for a condo ultra modern). or home), glass, laminate (the cheapest and easiest to get) and many more, not to mention the hundreds of options within each material. Don’t be overwhelmed by options, always consider what works best for your style, your lifestyle and your BUDGET

A small kitchen can be as much a work of art as a large family kitchen. It just means you need to plan and research twice as hard, but they can often be the most dramatic because you can put more money per square foot and make higher quality selections than you would with a large barn-sized kitchen. Details are what will make a small kitchen sizzle. Add our pull-out drawers with stainless steel glides and pull-out components and a double-door pantry with full interior access.

An often forgotten but critical component to great design, in your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere in your home is your lighting plan. Good lighting is what differentiates a beautiful room from a spectacular room. Incorporate puck lighting under the counter, overhead lighting in a cove, lighting in glass-front cabinets, a beautiful fixture above the island or table, hidden rope lighting in a recessed tray detail in the ceiling, the options are endless. . Remember, when you talk about lighting, you need to consider all 3 components of a great lighting plan: task, accent, and ambient lighting.


o Use quality materials whenever possible

o Determine your cabinet heights: floor to ceiling whenever possible

or paint or stain

o Select the best countertop you can afford

o Install a kitchen island

o Do not overdo the decorations or details

o Add interest – Add your personality


o Paint your kitchen: walls, ceiling, trim, cabinets

o Change your backsplash

o Change all your kitchen hardware

o Change the kitchen faucet

o Add crown molding and reinforce millwork

o Upgrade your accessories and small appliances

o EDIT – EDIT – EDIT clutter and unused items

The next most important area in a home renovation and almost as complicated as a kitchen with its endless options, selections, and style is your bathroom.


o Doors should never prevent the use of any accessory.

o All receptacles must be GFCI

o Allow a min. 6″ between fixtures

o Select non-slip floor

o Provide ambient, task and accent lighting

o Designate areas for storage

o Consider how to foster a sense of privacy

Our bathrooms are our personal refuge to rejuvenate our spirit and our energy; they are homemade Spa’s that act as a refuge after an exhausting day. Central to this is the design of your shower, now the most coveted aspect in great bathroom design and an important detail in resale. Don’t forget that “SPA” is the keyword. Go to a variety of showrooms, the options are endless, from steam, waterfall, multi-jet and massage options. Remember to pamper yourself and treat yourself as well as a guest. Always select the best accessories that your budget allows and really do your research for the best deal. I have seen products in showrooms for $2500 for a product and then shopped online and got the exact same product for less than half! Look around, do your research and shop smart and don’t forget to always sit in your bathtub or hot tub before you buy. What is comfortable for one is not always comfortable for another.

When renovating your kitchen, bathroom or any other room in your home, always keep in mind that the goal is to create the right setting for our lives, our family and friends, that best exemplifies your spirit and expresses who you want to be and how you want to be. . want to live Get inspired, challenge and ENJOY yourself and your loved ones and never be afraid of change.

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