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For large online businesses to thrive effectively, link popularity has become the backbone. Link popularity is one of the most primitive and yet most popular SEO methods for getting traffic to your websites through inbound links. Link building can be done with the help of various methods to increase page ranking in major search engines like Google.

The main key for your website to rank well is to keep it up to date with unique content, the appearance of your website should be professional, and it should be easy to navigate. You will need to validate your HTML codes and check if there are no broken links available on your website.

After everything on your website is well verified, the following are some methods to increase page rank and generate link popularity:

1. Offer Directories: Offer Directories are nothing more than special online directories where they allow you to bid for a certain amount and then the offer directory ranks the website links based on the amount of the offer that is placed. The bidders with the highest amounts are placed on the homepage of famous search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN, Rediff, etc.

2. Directory Submissions: You can submit your website link to free directories such as Google or Yahoo. These directories would link your website based on the relevancy of the information your website has and it approves of the directory rules and submission guidelines. You must submit your website to the precise categories and appropriate directories for best results.

3. Web Directory – Submitting your website to a web directory is another way to increase the link popularity of your website. Web directories have a wealth of information and are capable of showing you the active links, the categories that are available, and the pending links.

4. One-way links – This is another way to inform Internet users about what your website has to offer. Internal links are known to be external links that direct a user to your website from some other source on the website. The one-way links method has become very popular with savvy webmasters who want to increase their link popularity and rank high on their pages.

5. Search Engine Submissions: Search Engine Submissions help you submit your website URL to popular search engine directories such as Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc. to index the website. This can be done in two methods, one of which is submitting a website entirely and the second method is submitting your website per page. A sitemap would be needed if you are willing to submit a complete website.

6. Link exchange: Link exchange is an excellent and one of the most useful method for building an effective customer base and getting a better page rank in search engines. Chances are good that someone will want to click on your URL; however, search engines would choose your website based on keywords and rank it high on search engine pages.

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