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It was time for my wedding and I needed to lose weight fast. The first week I lost thirteen (13) pounds and then ten (ten) pounds the second. Two weeks was such a short time to lose so much weight. It’s probably not the healthiest of the diets, but hey, it was extremely effective.

I used this rapid weight loss as a catapult for my long term weight loss. Seeing all the weight lost motivated me to keep losing weight with natural and healthier strategies. I would like to share with you, in detail, everything I did during my second week that helped me lose ten (10) pounds in just one week.

We both know that losing weight extremely fast is not good for the system. Below are the steps from start to finish that allowed me to lose 10 pounds in just one week:

1. The first day was the detox. You have to prepare the body to lose weight. My cleansing drink was a mixture of lemon juice, ginger, honey, and water. I drank this throughout the day whenever I felt like I was hungry. This one is pretty easy to follow, especially since it’s only for one day. When you are hungry, drink. Are you hungry again? Drink some more. Sometimes I do a 10-day detox called a lemonade cleanse, but that wasn’t this week.

2. You need to limit your portions to lose weight quickly. I ate a lot of vegetables, lean meats, lean fish, eggs, and some fruits like apples and oranges. The simple rule I followed was this: My plate should have half vegetables (no potatoes), a quarter of 1/4 of your plate is white meat or fish, and then the rest is fruit (not bananas). Eating less is not the best option for long-term weight loss, but it worked well for my initial goal, rapid weight loss. Eating less can be a real headache, even for me, but I achieved my goal and am happy with the results.

3. The next step was to add two apples and a can of black beans to my diet. Beans were my main meal or I split them up into some smaller meals and had veggies on the side. This is one of those tricks that no other diet talks about and that produces amazing results. Beans are known to be a complete source of nutrition. In fact, very few foods provide protein, magnesium, iron, zinc soluble fiber, and potassium in such high amounts.

4. I started eating breakfast and stopped eating at night. Not eating after 7pm or 3 hours before bed was a good rule of thumb. By adding breakfast, I started burning calories earlier in the day, although I must admit that I previously didn’t think this was that important for weight loss. Eating breakfast also helped me maintain my energy level during the day. Also, I drank at least 10 glasses of water a day and I still drink 10 glasses every day. Water cleanses your system, increases metabolism, and helps control hunger. Did you know that 80% of the time when we feel hungry it is actually our body asking for hydration (water)?

5. In addition to limiting portion sizes, I increased the number of times I ate during the day. I went from 2 large meals to 5 smaller meals. You want to balance your body between full and hungry throughout the day.

6. Curb fats, sweets, and not-so-healthy foods. Whenever she felt like she wanted to eat something unhealthy, she carried that meal into the early part of the day. Your metabolism is highest in the morning and this gives your body the entire day to process food. I was able to kill the sweet monster with a donut early in the morning once or twice a week.

7. Drop the fruit juices and go to the fresh fruit section of your supermarket. If you have to drink juice, buy yourself a juicer and make it yourself. When you’re thirsty, unsweetened water or green tea is also a solid solution.

8. Do your best to stay motivated and busy at all times. When you are busy with work, family, friends, etc. you forget about the kitchen and the next thing you know is that half the day has passed. This is a bigger tip than you might think.

You may think this plan is too simple to lose 10 pounds in a week, but stick with it exactly and I promise you will see results.

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