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“All dogs must be socialized as puppies, before 16 weeks of age. This is the most important time in a dog’s life. This is the time that will shape them and determine what kind of friendly dog ​​they will become. “

“This is the time when your puppy should meet people, other dogs and animals. This is the most important part of a puppy’s life and will determine what his behavior will be like when he grows up and what type of personality he will have.”

“This is the most important time to reach out and bond with your puppy, and introduce him to the things of your life. You can introduce your puppy to car rides, meeting new people, or taking a walk in the park.”

“Your puppy will also encounter new environments and things on their own, such as plants, wild animals, birds, cats, things that they could find on their own, without you, so they must be prepared for life.”

“You want your new puppy to adjust well to his new world. You don’t want to leave him in a kennel all day, which would not be good for him or you.”

“Each and every puppy must be socialized so that they have a good understanding of their environment and all the things that happen around them, no matter where you got your puppy from, all puppies must be socialized.”

“The time to socialize your puppy is until 16 weeks of age. You don’t want him to start having problems like separation anxiety, excessive barking, chewing on your favorite items, urinating and defecating in the wrong places.”

“If you plan to take your puppy or dog to obedience training classes, it will be much more enjoyable if your puppy is already familiar with things. You should take the time to socialize him, so he can have an excellent chance of being the best dog. What do you want it to be! “

“You want to socialize your puppy, because when he is older, you want him to get along with humans, other animals, and society in general. You don’t want a puppy that is hiding or afraid of everything around him.”

“You don’t want a puppy or a dog that barks at everything that moves, or anything like that. Every person the dog comes in contact with will be a sign of the puppy not being properly socialized at a young age. Give your pup the love and respect he deserves, and have fun with him too while you socialize – your dog will love you for it later! “

“A big reason why some dogs in the United States have to be euthanized each year is simply for the simple fact that the dog didn’t socialize as a puppy. And because of that sad fact, the puppy or dog just did. not having the skills to act appropriately in familiar, public or difficult situations. “

“It’s a poor fact, that if most dogs had been properly socialized as puppies, they would have been much kinder and well-behaved dogs when they were older. It’s not that difficult to socialize your new pup, and it can be fun and rewarding. ! “

“You really don’t want your kids to grow up, where you leave them in the backyard, and they don’t know how to interact with the family, and they’re a nuisance to the general neighborhood. One that destroys or digs holes all over your backyard, you have a option when you get your puppy. You can turn him into a responsible, friendly, well-behaved and good-natured dog. “

“It’s nice to have a dog to trust, and everyone should be able to trust their dog. You want your dog to be able to make rational decisions when he’s away from home with you. He should be able to be around a lot of people, without jumping on all of them, and bark at them non-stop. “

“From the day your new puppy is born, the mother has already started the process for you. When she has the litter, she will make sure that they lick each one, to stimulate them, that they can urinate and defecate, and the mother will take care of it of this, it is natural that they do it “.

“As the puppies grow, the mother will use smell, sounds and body language to teach the puppies natural skills. This is also the time when the mother can discipline her puppies – don’t be alarmed, this is also natural”.

“Puppies learn from each other while in the litter together. They play, fight, and generally learn to live together, get along and get to know each other.”

“When your puppy is approximately 7 to 8 weeks old, this is the crucial time to play with him, with human hands, with human touch and scents. This is also a good time for the breeder or owner to get started. to train the puppy at home. “

“You don’t want your puppy or dog to be afraid of humans when they grow up. It is extremely important to spend quality time with your puppy, just playing, hugging and loving him. You want him to get used to you and other members of the household.”

“Most new puppies arrive at their new home around 8 weeks of age or older. When your new puppy arrives, you should immediately start socializing them with everything around them. You should also remember not to give them anything that scares them too much. ., or harm them. You don’t want to immediately introduce them to an aggressive dog that is too aggressive for them, or one that could scar them for life. Just use common sense when dealing with your new puppy. “

“If you have a giant big hole in your backyard, you don’t want to let your new pup go and find the hole by accident. You would like to introduce your pup to his new surroundings with a tour, so that he or she would feel safe, but still interested and alert. “

“It is good to introduce your new Mastiff puppy to a chew toy at this time. This will be used for training purposes. You should pick up your puppy and give him the love that all puppies desire. Rub his tummy, scratch his head, talk to them gently, and your new pup will love it so much, you will too! “

“Now that your new puppy is home, it’s important to start teaching him some basic commands right away. He should learn commands like sit, stay, lie down, etc.”

“This is the time when you want to introduce your puppy to lots of new experiences, such as loud radios, children playing and screaming, noisy appliances such as vacuum cleaners, televisions, dishwashers, lawn mowers, etc.”

“It is good to let your new puppy discover for himself, while you supervise him well. Let him walk and discover the plants in your garden, the toys in your children’s bedroom and the tools in the garage. They get hurt, but let them explore , so that they are not afraid of what surrounds them “.

“If your dog is going to live in a tall building, or on a boat or yacht, get used to the elevators, or get on and off the boat safely. Take your puppy for a walk and let him meet other dogs on leashes. Let people stop and pet your dog, you don’t want your dog to grow up being afraid of people, and then bite them out of fear! “

“It is good to introduce your new puppy to as many people as you can, between 8 and 12 weeks of age. This is the time when it is most important to socialize your new Mastiff puppy with people. Encourage them to be nice to your puppy, touch, play, pet and give treats, in a non-threatening way. “

“Taking your new pup to off-leash dog parks is not recommended, as some parks have a lot of dogs. Some of the dogs will not have been vaccinated, and it is still your choice, but you probably wouldn’t send your kids to school. , with other children who have not been vaccinated, if he knew. “

“Don’t assume that all dogs in the off-leash dog park have been properly socialized and are all vaccinated, so exercise caution in dog parks.”

“If you want to teach your puppy or dog to ride with you, take him on short trips first. If you put a new puppy or dog in a car and take him on a trip across the country, the puppy or dog might the dog will never want to get back in the car! “

“Take short trips and have the first couple travel to fun places! If your dog’s only walk is to the vet, or some other unpleasant place, they will associate that walk with unpleasant things, so make him happy!”

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