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Located in the heart of Jamaica and characterized by gushing waterfalls and fern-covered cliffs, Ocho Rios was once described by an explorer as “the most beautiful island ever seen.” Today it is known as one of the most popular places in Jamaica, offering a combination of quiet beauty and stunning attractions.

A vacation in this part of Jamaica promises to be a fun-filled and joyful experience that will keep you coming back to this paradise again and again. However, if he really wants to make his vacation a memorable one, he should consider staying in one of the Ocho Rios apartments.

A vacation rental home in Jamaica is worth staying in because it not only gives you the option to stay in beautiful surroundings, but also to experience a luxurious lifestyle. Once you’ve settled comfortably into your Ocho Rios condo, you can relax and make a well-thought-out plan for visiting the major sights and attractions.

There are many interesting attractions that will keep you busy all day; however, if I had to start somewhere, Dunn’s River Falls would be the place to be.

It is a magnificent series of waterfalls that cascade from a height of 600 feet and slide down slippery steps to finally join the vast expanse of blue sea. You can even climb the steps and reach the top of the waterfalls, and then from there proceed to the vibrant and colorful local market.

If you are traveling with your children, you must take them to Dolphin’s Cove. Here you and your children can enjoy watching the adorable antics of the dolphins and even swimming with them.

However, this is only the beginning of your exciting adventure in Ocho Rios, as there is so much more to this beautiful paradise. A visit to the Coyaba River Garden and Museum will give you the opportunity to enjoy a colorful display of different species of flowers and plants. Among the many beautiful varieties, one worth admiring is the multicolored New Guinea impatience, also known as the Busy Lizzie.

Ocho RĂ­os is also famous all over the world because it is known for being the home of the legendary writer Ian Fleming, who made this place his base to write the famous James Bond novels. You can visit his hilltop home, Goldeneye, and also enjoy live music performances at night on the popular James Bond beach.

You can round out your day of fun and activities by heading to the warm comforts of your Jamaica villa. Here you will be well looked after and cared for by courteous maids and cleaning staff.

Various entertainment options such as CD/DVD player, TV, Internet access will make you feel at home. These villas in Jamaica are well surrounded by panoramic views and amazing views of the beach, so you won’t face a single dull moment. So, get ready to plan a vacation to this magical wonderland called Ocho Rios in Jamaica.

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