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“London Student Housing Student Housing – Housing List (Inventory)
If you are renting the whole house by yourself, Inventory is a necessary inspection in the formal student accommodation London program in the UK. Usually this fee is paid by the tenant, and the landlord will find a company to do the inventory. The role of this list is that a third party agency will go to the house you are renting to check all the housing conditions, walls, floors, glass, windows, doors, kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, toilets, wash basins, furniture and gardens. All the things in the room will be checked and marked in its state before renting out, so that after your contract is over, you can make a house list for comparison. The reason for this is to avoid problems with intermediaries or landlords, when you cancel the lease, you say that some things are broken, and have no proof.

Inventory will usually be given to you on the day you get the key, and you will have 7 working days to reply to confirm or modify the contents (if you find something wrong). Therefore, when you move in, you must carefully check the contents on the list. Although it may take many pages to print out, this is to prevent any problems from occuring when moving out. If you are looking for a private landlord, he does not provide this, I suggest you find a friend as a witness, and try to make detailed records of all the conditions in the house, especially where it is broken, take pictures and record evidence, so as to avoid any troubles with the landlord later on. In addition, remember that when you move, you must clean and tidy the room to the state when you moved in. If you don’t clean, the landlord will most likely refuse to refund some or all of the deposit. It is recommended that you find some professional cleaning companies for a move-out clean. This fee is usually lower than being fined by the landlord, and the cleaning is relatively clean and up to standard, and it is provided by a professional company.

Council Tax

Affordability is a crucial factor for students when choosing accommodation options. Universities and private providers understand the financial constraints students often face and offer a range of pricing options to accommodate different budgets. Alongside transparent pricing structures, flexible payment plans, and reasonable rental rates, institutions can support students in managing their finances and making the most of their educational experience.

I have something very important to say about Council Tax. If you only rent one house, and in most cases the rent is covered by the bill, then you don’t need to pay the council tax, because the landlord may pay it. But if you live by yourself or share a house with friends, you need to pay Council Tax. British law stipulates that whoever’s name is displayed on the student accommodation in London contract is obliged to pay council tax. A situation where you do not need to pay is to prove to your local council that you are a full-time student. You need to open a letter from Student Service and send it to the local council, otherwise they will not automatically give you tax exemption. But if you are renting a flat with your friends, the situation is a bit special. If one of you is not a student, then this person has to pay council tax, but the UK has benefits, and one person can enjoy a 25% discount; if one of you there are two or more people who are not students. Even if there are students living in the house, you need to pay council tax for the house you are renting, so you must be careful when renting a flat together.

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