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Mountain View Acres (MVA) is a great place to hunt. The entire team is extremely professional and offers unrivaled hunts. The enjoyment you had while hunting this property is second to none.

For serious mountain hunters and beginners, they have a way to get the most out of everyone. They offer pheasants, chuckars and huns. Hunts usually start when all the hunters arrive within a certain amount of time. While most of the guides prepare the ground for the hunt, two other guides greet the hunters. At this time, the hunters register and the safety regulations are explained to them. This doesn’t take long, so don’t worry. They keep it short and simple. The hunters are then introduced to the dogs they will hunt with along with the handler. If the controller has specific rules, this is the time they are expressed. It’s usually “don’t shoot until you see blue”, easy enough to follow. The good thing is, if you have your own dogs, you can bring them, but MVA has a variety of dogs and handlers that really do make a great hunt! Right now, you have the option of warming up by shooting clay birds or heading straight for the field. Heading out into the field usually works best; Trust me, it doesn’t take long to heat up! Hunts usually begin in a strip of tall grass. This section has rails cut crosswise every 50 yards or so, that way the birds are more likely to get up and fly away. The cover is so abundant there that sometimes the birds just stand still! So keep your eyes peeled. The dogs should do most of the work, but you still have to do your part. As the hunt progresses the birds will fly out at a fairly constant rate, hopefully you’re getting some good shots! The hunt then turns into a lower field and heads back the way you came. In this area there is a mixture of pasture and agriculture. This is an interesting part of the hunt because you never know what is going to happen. The hunt then progresses through various types of terrain, with birds everywhere! The layout of the farm is one where walking is easy and hunting is great!

Throughout the hunt, you will have at least one guide along with your dogs and your handler. The owners will come down periodically to see how the hunt is going. This makes for a very personal experience, which you can rarely get, so that’s a bonus!

Additionally, you have the option of having a videographer/photographer accompany you on your search. He will take photos and videos of the hunt for him and then put together a complete “show” on DVD for you for a pretty fair price. I would recommend this one, it captures great memories and you only have to worry about the hunt. This is especially good when you go with children, friends and family!

Once the hunt is complete, the guides and owners will greet you again and take your reward. They offer to dress the birds for a small fee. This is for each one. They do a great job, but it’s all in what you want.

All in all, they offer a great experience at a very reasonable price. Just show up with your gun, a box of shells (or more), friends and family, and be ready to have some fun!

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