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The MLB National League has flown under the radar in recent years. The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees have grabbed the headlines, but several National League teams are looking to change all that in 2008…

Although there are several good teams in the National League, none jumps up and shouts World Series Champion. The National League has been somewhat flat in recent years, with no team in the league with 90-plus wins in 2007. This while the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Cleveland Indians and Los Angeles Angels Los Angeles had at least 94 National League wins. American League.

The National League West has three really good teams, the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Colorado Rockies, and the San Diego Padres. Separated by just one game between them last year, it should be another close one. None of those three make me stand up and scream, but I’m going with the San Diego Padres with 91 wins to move up in the division. Tap the Colorado Rockies to win the Wild Card with 90 wins.

The National League Central was rotten last year, with the Chicago Cubs taking the division with 85 wins. They nearly collapsed in September and didn’t win a game in the playoffs. Look for the young but gaining experience Milwaukee Brewers to make a charge. There is no hope for the Cincinnati Reds, Pittsburgh Pirates, Houston Astros and St. Louis Cardinals. Look for the Brewers to push, but the Chicago Cubs should have enough to hold them off for another year, with 87 wins.

The National League East, home to the teams that didn’t win the playoffs last year. The New York Mets faded into oblivion with a historic slump, but their nemesis, the Philadelphia Phillies, turned their divisional postseason win for nothing. Against better judgment, one would think that this should be the year of the New York Mets. Lead the Mets to win the division with 90 wins.

National League Playoffs

Defeat of the New York Mets. colorado rocky mountains

San Diego Padres def. chicago cubs

Defeat of the New York Mets. San Diego Padres, 4-2 (National Championship)

New York Mets – 2008 National League Champions

right of the Detroit Tigers. New York Mets, 4-1 (World Series)

Detroit Tigers – 2008 World Series Champions

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