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Psychics FAQ: Do spirits age or stay the same age they were when they passed away?

One of the most common (and controversial) spiritual questions psychic mediums are asked has to do with the evolution of the spirit after death. Do they continue to grow, mature and evolve in the afterlife… or do we just stop and continue in a frozen state of being like when we pass from this life to the next?

This question comes up MOST frequently in regards to people seeing and talking to people they have loved and lost in this lifetime, as many find that someone who crossed over in a sick, elderly, or infirm state will appear younger, more healthier and happier. when they “visit”, often looking 20 or 30 years younger than when they crossed over.

In fact, in some cases…they are not even recognizable to the person viewing their “ghost” or spirit, especially in the cases of very young children who report seeing a grandparent in a photograph taken in their youth. ! (As was a case a reader recently shared with us where his 6-year-old son said, “That’s the man who visits me when I go to sleep…pointing to a newly discovered family photo of his grandfather taken when he was 30 years old… and NOT the 82 year old who died of Alzheimer’s many years later”)

The answer, from a psychic medium’s perspective, is interesting, inspiring, and may vary a bit depending on what each medium believes:

  1. Some psychic mediums believe that spirits “choose” how they want to appear based on their own sense of spiritual self.
  2. Others believe that the way the spirit world “works” is such that a spirit will appear in a way that provides the most comfort, help, and VALIDATION for the person still living… to help them recognize and realize that in reality is a genuine experience.
  3. Most mediums say this in my experience, and I certainly think the evidence confirms it. (for example, it’s usually a combination of how the spirit WANTS to look as they appear, as well as the most powerful way that conveys recognizable genuine proof that they’re also real to the person having the experience)

Of course, there are many different thoughts and perspectives on what happens to our soul or spirit when we pass away, and how (or if!) we “age” depends a bit on many other factors for which there are no easy answers. absolutely.

For example?

Does time as we know it exist here?

(Most psychics and mediums and indeed many spiritual researchers and even scientists believe that time itself is NOT something that exists once we free ourselves from the limitations of human sensory experience)

Do we have bodies when we pass… or are we beings of light, thought and energy that do not have any physical form?

The truth is, as unsatisfying as this may be for those who want there to be only 1 truth… the true nature of reality, and your authentic spiritual self, is far more complex and wondrous than most realize. simple answers would like you to say. believe.

The ONLY real way to know for sure is to have your own experience with spirit, seek your own truth, and speak to, interact with, and challenge a genuine psychic or medium that you trust to offer answers that resonate with YOU!

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