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While browsing the web for social issues affecting singles, anyone can gain a wealth of information! Did you know this shocking news? CyberLover, a Russian-produced software program released in late 2007, uses “flirting bots” that can engage in up to 10 conversations in 30 minutes and the prey cannot distinguish between the ‘bot’ and a genuine human being.

This has been around for a few years and no one really knows! As if the typical bachelor didn’t face enough problems, they now have to be careful with everyone they talk to online.

CyberLover computer software bots are dispatched to retrieve their prey on internet dating websites, social networking websites, and chat rooms. CyberLover can mimic real human behavior and is designed to detect and alter your interaction based on responses from chat room users. It also has a variety of profiles ranging from “Romantic” to “Sexual Predator” so they can appeal to the greatest mix of people.

What is the use? Identity theft. The robot “flirts” with the victim to obtain standard data, names, images, contact information in order to then compile a detailed study of each person it finds and delivers it to a source without a trace. The hacker can use this information, all without human intervention!

While most cyber daters are cautious enough not to pass credit card information over the Internet, they can get entangled when the fascinating man/woman they’re chatting with asks what their birthday is. and where they can send them a gift. . Especially when the object of your affection has given their information all along!

Don’t think you’re out of the woods if you selectively use Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter. That’s where bots can really do some damage. By befriending that irresistible guy or gal, they can post a link to draw him or her to their ‘personal’ site or blog. These websites could actually be a fake site used automatically to infect its visitors with malware.

Things to do to protect yourself:

  • Make sure your antivirus and antispyware software is up to date.
  • Think about using a nickname when you join social networking sites.
  • Never give out anything personal about yourself over the Internet.

While it’s a bit stressful to go out and meet people personally, that’s the recommended way to meet exceptional people. However, the party scene is just as bad, if not worse, than online dating! The best advice is to get out and participate in activities that you already love to do! You will meet people who like to do similar things. Isn’t that how romance originates? If you enjoy mountain biking, find a good place to hike and head to the nearest trails. If you’ve always wanted to try something, take a class to find out how to do it, like knitting or indoor rock climbing.

Some classes may have more of one gender than the other, keep that in mind! Be the only guy in the class of 10 ladies, or vice versa!

Women: take wrestling. Men: take an aerobics class!

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