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There are many knife makers today and they come from all over the world. Some of the highest quality knives are still made in Germany and Japan. However, there are knife makers in other parts of the world who make excellent knives. Without low quality standards, these companies bring cookware that is of professional quality.

Traditional knife companies from Europe began arriving in Brazil in the 1930s and 1940s. Cheaper labor and more economic freedom helped fuel the movements. The Portuguese heritage already had a European feel to it, so expansion into South America was natural. Mundial, a Brazilian company, started in Germany in the 1930s and moved to Porto Alegre, Brazil, where its headquarters are today. Their knives are of excellent quality, and the selection is among the best in the world. your chef knives They are made of forged stainless steel and the 5100 series is a good choice for the professional chef. Today they make all the popular designs.

Tramontina is another Brazilian company that originated in Italy. It now manufactures in Brazil, the US, China and has 20 plants around the world. A maker of many other fines kitchen toolstheir Santoku knives are considered truly valuable.

Some Chinese knife companies are also going strong on their affordability and quality, Yang Dong Changxin Industry and Trade Co is currently making some pretty good Damascus steel knives. Some of the world’s best-known knife companies have manufacturing plants in China. The Chinese have always been good at making cheap imitations, but there are some companies that make really great knives.

Nationwide, there’s a newcomer, The Saber Knife Company, dedicated to bringing affordable American-made forged knives to professional chefs. A relatively new company that makes a very nice line that will compete with some of the more famous knife companies. These are some of the best cookware on the market right now.

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