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This has been changing rapidly, and now an increasing number of entrepreneurs are starting to use e-books as a method of catapulting themselves into the spotlight, using the option to become influencers and gain followers through the web. information exchange. The ones that are pretty adept at how they do this go back into the system and use their eBooks as part of a sales funnel, whether it’s apparent or not.

It used to be that the task of writing a book was equivalent to undertaking a long and arduous journey, requiring long periods of time, a lot of planning and dedication, an agent, the approval and acceptance of a publisher, and more. . This is no longer the case… Anyone who has ever wanted to write can… and you can have your book published and ready to sell in less than 48 hours after writing it. And no, it doesn’t take a high level of skill or any secret or specialized knowledge… I’ve done it and helped others do the same just by following a few simple steps, and using simpler steps I’ve gotten books in the first few ranking places, for some of them, without even a review to reassure buyers (although I wouldn’t recommend it). So if it’s so easy, why isn’t everyone doing it, and why isn’t every entrepreneur who has posted online having a booming business?

Well, the answer is the key… it’s not enough to just write, the important thing is that you write content that others will find useful and want to read, and more than that, essential to success is using that content in the right way. Let me expand…

1) Whatever your business niche, learn what people want to know more about.

2) Write about it, keep it clear and simple… often short guides will take you further than long complicated books.

3) Publishing is easy, get your books on Amazon.

4) Consider discounts and giveaways…remember, it’s all about exposure, publicity and getting people to come back to you.

5) Create a database of all the places you can promote your books. Take the time to research social media groups, blogs, etc. Make sure they are appropriate for your niche.

6) Take the time to promote your discounts and giveaways, and be honest and genuine about what your book offers and why people should buy it.

7) In your books, direct people to your website, subscriptions, other books, etc.

8) Always OFFER QUALITY AND VALUE, and when people are turning to you, it should be to offer more value. Don’t use your books as a hook, just to direct people to an offer that isn’t worth the money or time you give up for it.

9) The more quality and value you offer, the more repeat customers you will collect.

10) Include snippets and samples of your content on social media, blogs, forums, etc.

11) Repeat…remember, if you are choosing to be an influence through information, you have to keep doing it.

And that’s it, in a nutshell! It’s an age where anyone can be an author, so use your knowledge to your advantage!

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