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RV cosmetic touch-ups

RV interiors are full of woodwork and wall paneling that can often be easily scratched or nicked from a variety of sources. There are several products on the market that can help cover up and make these defects ‘disappear’.

One such useful product is the common ‘White-Out’ which is used to correct spelling errors in typed documents. It comes in a convenient bottle with a brush attached to the cap and costs a dollar or two. Nail or staple holes in white wallpaper, paneling or ceiling areas are easily filled with this substance and the repair is invisible. I’ve heard that toothpaste works too, although I’ve never tried this.

There is also a white drywall filler that comes in a squeezable tube, already mixed and easy to apply. This material dries to a hard finish that can be lightly sanded to blend.

Also available in squeeze tubes, they are color-filled to match oak, walnut, or any color your paneling may have. These can easily cover holes or scratches. Often an application of a small amount of matching stain will hide small scratches in the surface and blend in with the color. Try this first in an inconspicuous area to make sure.

Larger holes can be covered with pictures, various hanging hooks, or other accessories, depending on where they are located. Sometimes a matching cane strip can be added in the same material finish as the wall. These don’t look out of place if they match.

With a little ingenuity, many flaws can be made invisible.

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