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In this world today, where people have become so competitive and self-centered, true friendship is something to be valued and appreciated. It’s the kind of friendship that puts itself at risk for the good of another. I am reminded of a prince named Jonathan, son of King Saul, who harbored a fugitive named David whom his father wanted to kill. Jonathan had to choose who to be loyal to; his father or his friend. The strength of this friendship prevailed in the face of danger. David survived Saul’s evil plan thanks to Jonathan’s friendship. This pact of friendship resulted in Mephibosheth receiving King David’s favor long after her grandfather had been deposed and deceased. I believe that true friends, who are not for convenience, still exist. I write this article as a tribute to them as I share eight insights into the nature of such an unusual partnership.

1. No matter how long true friends have been offline, they will reconnect and carry on as if no time has passed. Such friendships stand the test of time and tribulation. It is the stuff of which lifelong associations in business and ministry, for example, are made.

2. The geographical location does not delimit or distance this type of unusual associations. Jonathan was located in the palace and David in the desert, but this did not result in isolation but revealed Jonathan’s determination to help his friend carry out his divine assignment.

3. True friends know and are interested in God’s work in you. Jonathan knew that his father (King Saul) had been rejected by God and that King David had been anointed in his place. He was willing to serve his friend even at his father’s expense, because he served God’s purpose.

4. The Bible alludes to the fact that there is a friend closer than a brother, one who will be there in difficult times and in good times. However, I am reminded of Job and his dubious friends who did not really encourage him during the difficult time he experienced. Give up negative associations.

5. Everyone needs someone who will accept them as they are and not try to change them. The fact that we are very good “mates” means that I am already qualified and I don’t need to prove a point or try to get approval.

6. Loving your neighbor as yourself and treating others as you would like to be treated are the main characteristics and the foundation of tried and true eternal friendships.

7. Friendships can make or break an individual; they are not to be taken lightly as they can derail you from your destiny. The wisdom and godly counsel found in the Bible encourage Christians not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers.

8. Friends give life and add value to each other. The Lord Jesus had twelve of them, to whom he taught everything that the father had taught him. These men continued to preach the gospel and carry on the work He had begun.

I encourage you to cultivate friendships for the future, not those that are just for “the old days” that have faulty foundations. Embrace friends who are faithful, dedicated and strong and you will surely become like those you hang out with. Remember that if you play with puppies they will lick your mouth. Develop friendships that reflect your aspirations.

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