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Any brand that sells any product will do better if it has a famous face behind it. Okay, if you’re famous, then you’re only going to partner with brands that are respected, well-known, and can pay well to get the rights to stick a famous face next to whatever it is you’re selling, whether it’s water (Jennifer Aniston for SmartWater ), sneakers (all those who at one time or another have opted for Nike), and in this case, luxury watches.

Luxury watch brands have all the qualities that put them in a position to pay the (typically) millions of dollars they make to all manner of celebrities. These qualities include strong reputations, rich histories (nearly all of which hail from Switzerland or another European country), and the use of high-quality, exclusive metals and precious stones, all of which result in the production of something that can cost well into the hundreds. of thousands of dollars: a luxury watch for men or a luxury watch for women.

Here’s a review of four watch brands that have famous spokespeople of all kinds. Some you will know immediately, some you may know the face but not the name, and others you may not know at all. Who is the hottest? Which luxury watch brand has the best group of spokespersons? It’s up to you.

I would say that all Movado ambassadors are well known, without a doubt. Movado watches are sleek and stylish and can also be sporty (hence the last three male ambassadors mentioned here).

actress Kerry Washington; you may not know his name right away, but you will instantly recognize his face. She is best known for her performance in the movie “Ray” which was released in 2004 and she signed with Movado in 2005.

Actress and former child model Amanda Seyfried (her name may not be familiar, but as soon as you see her face, you go “Oh yeah!”) is the youngest of Movado’s ambassadors. He has appeared in the movies “Maama Mia!” and “Mean Girls” and stars in the HBO series “Big Love” this season.

Mikhail Baryshnikov, the name needs little introduction; is one of the most talented dancers of all time and has been a Movado ambassador since 2004.

Grammy Award-winning jazz trumpeter Wynton Marsalis is Movado’s longest-serving spokesperson, having been with the brand since 1998.

Now here come the athletes: tennis superstar Pete Sampras, baseball player Derek Jeter, and football QB Tom Brady are all Movado spokespeople representing the brand’s sportier collections, like the Movado Series 800, as well as its luxury collection for men, such as ESQ.

Half of the Omega ambassadors need no introduction, as they are big stars in their respective fields. Cindy Crawford, Nicole Kidman, George Clooney, Michael Phelps, James Bond, and Michael Schumacher “work” for Omega in addition to their “day jobs.” Lesser-known ambassadors (at least in the US) include Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, Indian actor Abhishek Bachchan, and Russian swimmer Alexander Popov. The strength of these spokespeople, however, is that in their home countries they are super well-known and more and more luxury watch brands are closing boutiques in the United States and Europe and heading to places like Asia, the Middle East and Russia.

TAG Heuer is similar to Omega in that it has internationally renowned stars promoting their brand, mixed with men and women specifically known in their countries. TAG recently opened its eighth store in the Middle East and is obviously focusing on growth in this part of the world, so it should soon add a famous Arab face to its roster.

Tiger Woods, Maria Sharapova and Leonardo DiCaprio are mega stars. Other TAG ambassadors include Finnish racing drivers Heikki Kovalainen and Kimi Räikkönen, and Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan. Longines is another Swiss luxury watch brand whose motto is that “elegance is an attitude”, which is why its spokespersons are called Ambassadors of elegance.

Longines has two of the most recognizable tennis celebrities (not to mention married to each other): Andre Agassi and Stefi Graf, but there are also a handful of lesser-known (much lesser-known) ambassadors, including Lithuanian actress Ingeborga Dapkunaite. , Aaron Kwok Fu Shing, known as “Hong Kong’s Michael Jackson” and Indian beauty Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who in 1994 won the “Miss World” title, and has been a Longines ambassador for 10 years.

The strategy of having well-known and lesser-known (in the US) spokespersons is a marketing concept that has worked well for the luxury watch business. As for which of these speakers is the most attractive, it depends on your personal taste.

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