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Flat irons, also known as hair straighteners, are basically two hot metal or ceramic plates that come together to flat iron hair so that wavy or curly hair looks straight and hangs naturally. This hair straightening process is not permanent and washes out the moment the hair strands get wet. Flat irons are similar to curling irons in that they cause the hair to be set to the position in which the owner wishes it to be styled. Irons remove hydrogen from the hair, forcing it to maintain the shape it has been styled until water is added and the hydrogen in the hair is replaced. They became popular with women in the early 1960s and have been in use ever since.

The first iron devices were created in 1872 by Erica Feldman, who took heated iron rods and applied them to the head to shape the hair into the style she wanted, and although she did not create the actual straightening iron The hair. It is important to highlight her contribution since she is the first person to use a hot iron to shape hair. The actual inventor of the flat iron was Lady Jennifer Bell Schofield, who created the first straightening iron in 1912. Her device consisted of two metal plates that rested between a set of hinges, which is similar to what we use today, although the Products used in those days were much more durable than today’s models, but much less safe.

At present, many modern technologies have been applied to the product, including the application of electricity to heat the plates, temperature controls have been implemented to protect the device against fire or anything else, and many other improvements have been made. , making the irons much safer for both the salon stylist and those who use them at home. Commercial flat irons didn’t hit the market for the average user until the 1990s and were only available in salons until then, so anyone wanting to straighten their hair paid a high price to do so. Today, irons are for sale in most department stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, and hair supply stores.

Throughout the history of the iron, several patents have been taken out that claim to have the best and cheapest iron, but the most notable patent was taken out by a man named Isaac Shero in 1809, in which he invented the iron. iron that most closely resembles the one we currently use. Although many patents have been obtained, they haven’t really changed much since early 1809, and they look and function basically the same as they have ever since.

Throughout history, they have been found to damage hair if the hair is not treated correctly, so if you use a flat iron more than twice a week, you should be sure to deep condition your hair every day and treat yourself. hot wax at least. once a week, which will prevent your hair from becoming dry and brittle after continuous use of the iron. This will also decrease the amount of split ends that appear in your hair and keep your hair looking healthier.

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