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Restrictions on Decoration of the Rooms in the Accommodation

If you are renting out student accommodation then it is likely that you will want to ensure that your tenants are happy with their room. You will also want to ensure that any decorations that they add to their rooms do not damage the property. This is why many students will look at rent boards when choosing their accommodation, they will see how close it is to their university and whether it offers everything that they are looking for in terms of a property.

Are there any restrictions on decoration of the rooms in the accommodation?

Students are allowed to decorate their rooms in residence halls, suites, and apartments as long as the decorations meet certain guidelines. These guidelines help prevent hallways and doors from becoming damaged, eliminate potential safety hazards, and ensure that the residential community remains welcoming to all residents.

Generally, the total wall space covered by permitted combustible materials (posters, corkboards, calendars) may not exceed 10% of the total room size. Posters must be framed using push pins or removable tape, and not tacked directly to the walls. In addition, hanging items are not permitted on the ceiling or over any light fixtures or sprinkler heads, unless specifically approved by the Associate Director of Residence Life. Hanging items on the door is also prohibited unless they are affixed with removable strips, commercial hanging putty, or painters tape.

Residents are allowed to hang decorative items in their rooms using push pins, tacks, or removal strips. Any other materials, including nails and screws, are not allowed in rooms, as they could damage the walls. Students will be charged for any damage incurred to walls, doors, windows, blinds, or drapes as a result of displaying non-permitted decorations.

Are There Any Restrictions on Decoration of the Rooms in the Accommodation?

In addition, residents must keep in mind that it is possible that a resident’s room may be visited by staff for maintenance purposes. In such cases, the resident will be required to remove any decorations that are deemed inappropriate or to cover up any items that are obscene or that violate room decor policies. In the event that a resident does not comply with these directions, the Resident Assistant will notify the resident(s) and/or their parent(s) of their responsibility for covering or removing any decorations that violate room decor policies and/or the Student Conduct process may be initiated.

Overnight guests are not permitted in individual Reading student accommodation, except for a limited number of exceptions as identified in the Room Visitation Policy. Overnight guests must leave by 11pm, and residents are responsible for their guests’ behavior while they are in the apartment. If a resident does not comply with this rule, they may be charged with a breach of the Room Visitation Policy and/or disciplinary action through Student Conduct.

In today’s fast-paced world, education knows no boundaries. Students from different parts of the globe aspire to pursue their dreams and gain knowledge from esteemed institutions worldwide. Along with academic excellence, students require a nurturing environment that supports their personal growth and provides a comfortable space to thrive. Student accommodation plays a vital role in ensuring that students have a home away from home, where they can study, socialize, and create lasting memories. This article explores the significance of student accommodation and highlights its key aspects in creating a conducive living environment for students.

Reading student accommodation and Commonwealth Honors College Residential Community are allowed to use push pins in their rooms. The use of any other type of fastener is not permitted, as it may damage the building’s walls or ceiling.

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