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Being overweight is one of the main concerns today. Many university studies pointed out some tips for calorie intake as required by the standards. There is no general rule of thumb for weight loss because each person has a different metabolic rate. It depends on the lifestyle of each person. However, some common practices can reduce your weight to a normal level.

1. Divide your meal into three or more foods in a full day cycle. Some people go on a crash diet, but dilation suggests eating four times a day. Make sure your metabolic rate matches your calorie intake.

2. Change your eating habit, chew food longer, make sure food enters your stomach, which can help you increase your digestive system.

3. Drink lots of water

Like food, water is essential for our body. Typically, 2 to 2.5 liters of water per day is recommended. It will not only improve your skin color, but it will also help you improve dietary systems. Our body needs water to maintain blood volume and keep our body cells healthy by providing oxygen and nutrients. It also controls our body temperature. Eat foods with fiber Eat foods that have more fiber. Banana, Orange, Apples are the most suitable fruits to keep you healthy. You need to eat more foods like fruits and vegetables, whole wheat bread, brown rice and beans, etc.

4. Follow the WHO guide to a complete food, which includes all kinds of vitamins, necessary minerals, fats and proteins. Food is more essential, but not everyone usually follows a complete food menu. Therefore, having only one mix of foods is essential!

5. Eat fruits that are high in fiber.

6. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. Yes, it is more essential that every human being drinks water according to the minimum requirements, for the body.

7. Exercise regularly for 10 to 20 minutes as suggested by your doctor or dietitian.

Rapid weight loss is attractive to people in general. Avoid skim milk, butter, and ghee, which are “high in fat.” Also, check your “BMI index” to stay in shape. Come on, we get inspired by reading famous quotes from leading dietitians and nutritionists.

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a poor man.”

“To say that obesity is caused simply by consuming too many calories is like saying that the sole cause of the American Revolution was the Boston Tea Party.”

– Adele Davis

“Incorporate meal replacement products into your daily or weekly menu. Meal replacements, whether they are packaged foods like Lean Cuisine or shakes like Slim Fast, are very helpful in maintaining long-term weight loss.]Use just two Meal replacements a week would be enough to maintain five kilos in a year, that’s enough to lose weight with minimal change in eating patterns. “

– Dr. James Anderson, American nutritionist.

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