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I’m going to show you a simple technique that you can use to burn body fat at a super fast rate, this technique is so powerful and yet so simple, you don’t even need a gym to get the powerful metabolism boosting effects!

In this exercise you will need a treadmill. If you don’t have a treadmill, you can also use a hill.

All you need to do to get started is put on your running/hiking shoes and head into a mountainous area. Do this easy weight loss routine and watch your body fat slip off your body effortlessly.

Here is the technique:

You should walk backwards on your treadmill for 3 minutes to hit your thighs hard and then reverse directions (for 2 minutes so you are facing forward and increase the incline of the treadmill)! The incline will help you blast your butt and burn more calories.

This simple switch between walking backwards and then forwards on an incline will help you burn 35% more calories than you normally would in a normal 3.5 mph walk.

So turn around, it’s amazing what a difference a little change of scenery will make; it will give you a strong, curvy and firmer backside!

In short, this is how it goes:

After a brief 2-3 minute warm-up of walking, walk backwards at a slow pace.

rhythm for 3 minutes. This is called a retro ride and then after the 3

minutes reverse directions and then quickly climb a steep hill for another

2 minutes. Do this 9 to 15 times alternating between walking backwards and forwards.

Mountaineering! And that’s your weight loss workout.

This exercise will not only burn fat, it will also carve your butt,

reduce the fat around your abs and increase your metabolism too!

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