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Some may doubt their existence if they have failed to properly stimulate a woman’s G-spot, but fear not: with this handy set of techniques, you’ll give your girl supreme G-spot orgasms she’ll never want to forget! Once you’ve learned how to stimulate a woman’s G-spot to make her go crazy for you, you’ll wonder how you both lived without it before. It really is a wonderful way to please a woman and she will definitely make her crazy about you!

1) Explore her G-spot.

Common sense, really. If you want to give a girl an explosive orgasm, you’ll need to know the location of the G-spot and how she feels when you stimulate her. Some consider it elusive, but it’s actually not that hard to find: she’s about 2-3 inches into her vagina on the front wall and feels like a ribbed glans. She spends time massaging this area and pay attention to her spasms of pleasure. Make sure you make her comfortable with the feeling of her G-spot being massaged for a while: she’s sure to bring her to a great climax!

2) Forget 69, it’s all about the sexy eights!

Try the figure-8 sex position – it allows you to get deep enough inside her and target the G-spot while having sex. You can have it on top or be on top yourself, whichever you prefer. All you need to remember is to pretend to make a figure-8 motion with your penis. It’s a simple position that creates incredible sensations for both of you – it will definitely lead to intense orgasms!

3) Make him hug you with his legs.

It might sound weird, but it’s a surefire way to make the otherwise a bit boring missionary position that much more exciting for both of you. The missionary position is not very intense, adding this simple twist of having her wrap her legs around you will allow you to penetrate deeper, target the G-spot and give her that all-important orgasm during sex.

4) Control doggy style!

Making her lean over and take her from behind is a sexual position that allows you to access her G-spot during sex. Controlled thrusting can drive her crazy in no time and make her easily reach an incredible G-spot climax!

5) Take it lying down.

Tired of all the other sex positions that stimulate a woman’s G-spot? The old fail-safe is to stimulate her orgasm by using your fingers on her G-spot. If she doesn’t climax during sex, you can always bring her to orgasm through the good old oral stimulation… Slide two fingers and aim for her spot G with a beckoning motion. It requires relatively little work on the part of either of you, and it’s a great technique to use while lying down. Plus, she’s guaranteed to make her orgasm!

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