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There are many things to consider when planning to use Feng Shui in your bedroom. According to this belief, the bedroom is a very productive place, but your productivity can be hampered in a number of ways. Here are some do’s and don’ts when planning to implement Feng Shui in your bedroom.

The colors on the walls are the first important thing. Of course, use warm earth tones. This will create positive energy and a sense of vitality in the bedroom. If you are looking for a partner or love, bet on exciting colors like red. Or use a color that reminds you of human skin. These colors are great for creating a very positive human vibe in your bedroom.

Lighting is also important, because the type of lighting you use will directly influence the energy that flows into the room. Bright lights are definitely recommended, but if you feel they are not suitable for a bedroom, you can go for dimming settings for your bedroom lights. Or, you could have some candles in your bedroom. When you need to dim the light, just light those candles. Here’s an added bonus. Perfumes and aromas are highly appreciated in Feng Shui. So, see if you can get your hands on some scented or scented candles of your choice.

The next important thing (although we’re not saying all of this in any particular order) is air. The amount of air that enters your bedroom is directly proportional to the amount of energy that also flows inside. Therefore, you need to ensure that a large amount of air flows inside. Keep the bedroom window open as much as possible. However, if you keep the windows closed all the time, there will be an unaired musty smell in your room, which is very detrimental to progress.

You also have to look at the placement of the bed. How should the bed be placed? Two things are important. First of all, your bed must not be aligned correctly with the door. The second thing is that you have to make sure that your feet are not pointing towards the door because in the local Chinese culture, this is an omen of death. Also, don’t keep the bed touching a wall. It must be freely accessible from both sides. There must be enough space on both sides of the bed. Place a nightstand on either side of the bed, and always approach the bed on the side you will be sleeping on.

If you are looking for love, your bed should have a single mattress that covers it completely and not two parts for each side of the bed. The positive energy that Feng Shui creates will make loving your partner a delight.

In addition to these, there is another very important point. You want to make sure that you don’t keep anything work related or even anything that isn’t necessary in the bedroom. So keep your laptops, your cell phones, your iPods, your TVs out of the bedroom and enjoy what these places really mean.

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