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Do you want to know how to earn a million dollars in 10 years?

If that’s your goal, it’s always good to have some numbers on paper.

A million dollars over 10 years simply means $100,000 each year.

First, if you earn less than $100,000 each year, it is obviously impossible to accumulate $1 million at the end of 10 years.

And let’s not forget the rate of inflation. In 10 years, a million dollars will probably be worth much less than it is today.

But for simplicity, let’s ignore the rate of inflation in this article.

Now that you know that it is impossible to achieve your goal just depending on your work, what should you do instead?

Well, you can try investing. Of course you need to know how to invest your money. I am also assuming that you have money left over to invest after paying your daily expenses.

Alternatively, you can try to find ways to earn more money.

One option you can consider is internet marketing.

Why Internet Marketing?

Well, you can start making money online with no money. It is almost impossible to find other places where you can start making money with no money.

Of course, there are many ways to make money with internet marketing. There are certain ways that require you to invest a bit of money. That is usually less than $50.

It is almost impossible to find other places where you can start a business for less than $50.

A very successful Internet marketer can easily generate 5 figures per month or more, which means at least $120,000 per month. This means that you will be able to achieve your goal in 10 years.

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