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Newlyweds Jonathan and April Jane are renovating their love nest. They added a spacious balcony to the second floor to highlight the scenery of the beautiful mountains adorned with the luxury of nature. They transformed the base into a game room for their three beautiful children.

Renewal. Gets better. How wonderful it would have been if the improvement of life was something like renovating the home! But unfortunately, it’s not because there’s basically no store that sells life upgrades. But the thing is, everyone wants and needs to improve their life! How? Here are some useful tips to enjoy a better lifestyle:

o Take time for yourself. Responsibilities make us forget about ourselves. It’s never wrong to pamper yourself! In fact, you need to pamper yourself from time to time! It doesn’t mean spending dollars on Asian cruises, it can be as simple as getting a good night’s sleep, taking a long soak in a hot bath, or simply reading your favorite books.

o Have time for your family.

or Hakuna Matata. You learn from the past, you don’t live in it. Don’t even worry about the future, you will miss that part of the future that is a mystery! If you spend all your time worrying, you miss out on the wonderful things that have happened, are happening, and will happen to you.

or help someone. That feeling of making a difference is simply unique! Even headlining a kennel or orphanage fundraiser is killing two birds with one stone: you feel happy and you make someone else happy!

o Find joy in the simple things in life. Be a workaholic and you will miss out on the simple but non-renewable instances of life: the beauty of a rose, the smile of a friend, the charm of a sunrise, the gratitude of a stranger. Life is special, you just have to witness those special and impressive moments.

o Make new friends and keep old ones. Friendship is the world’s greatest support system.

o Be in tune with your culture: the arts, the language, the music, the traditions of your people. Be proud of your roots and heritage.

o Live a spiritual life. There is nothing more revitalizing than knowing that there is Someone up there who loves you very much. Spirituality can give you the peace of mind and peace of heart that your life needs.

How do you renew your life? The first step is to understand that life is not defined by a paycheck, a big house, or elite status. Yes, life enhancement is not for sale and will never be sold in stores. Because life can never be expressed in greenbacks. Life is defined by those moments that take your breath away, those people that etch memories into your heart, and the hard-learned lessons that shape and mold you into who you are.

Free life upgrade, not for sale.

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