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Have you suddenly run out of chat now that Yahoo has shut down many chat sites due to complaints? One complaint was that people used chat rooms to lure underage children for sex. While others say that chat rooms were used to promote sex between minors. A Houston attorney, in fact, filed a $ 10 million lawsuit to end that problem. Yahoo reacted to the news by shutting down thousands of chat sites, and advertisers on those sites also took their ads offline. Do not despair, today you may not have chat, but you will soon find a new home to talk with friends on the Internet. Yahoo confirmed that they took the sites off the air, but insists they were hundreds and not thousands.

Many users are enraged that the sites were removed, while many parents applaud Yahoo’s quick PR action to remove those sites immediately. Some of the advertisers that have been withdrawn are PepsiCo, State Farm, and others. Maybe Paris Hilton can announce her now for Carl’s Jr.? Yahoo doesn’t constantly monitor chat room content, but it will close a room if it receives too many complaints.

Some sources tell us that other chat rooms of this type now have real language filters that set points and once they have been passed the warnings increase and if this continues the sites are closed. Modern technology and text recognition software for these things is well known in high-tech and military intelligence circles. A company started promoting its software today to alleviate the problem, specializing in email scanning and resuming AI reading and keyword scanning. Chat rooms have always been a great way to meet online, but they have also been seen as problematic for monitoring. Think about this if you are; “No chat”

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