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Golf shirts (polo style) are a staple of the men’s wardrobe. I have sold over 10,000 men’s golf jerseys to buyers around the world since I started selling on eBay in 2003. They were all sold as individual items, not large batches.

Top five reasons why men’s golf jerseys are profitable to sell on eBay:

1) Golf jerseys are a wardrobe staple. Men wear them to work, for a casual day at the office, as casual wear, on weekends, to go to church, and of course to play golf. As American businesses relax in their office dress code, golf jerseys are becoming more popular and in demand than ever.

2) If you are an eBay seller, golf jerseys are easy to find to sell at your store. Golf jerseys are given out at tournaments as gifts, prizes, or inside goody bags. Most of the time, the golfer doesn’t get his size and just picks up the shirt anyway. These new shirts end up at the Goodwill store and other thrift stores. Additional golf jerseys created for tournaments are often donated to thrift stores after the tournament. You will often find batches of brand new shirts, with labels, all in a group on a shelf at the thrift store. The jerseys of the most prestigious tournaments and clubs often appear in discount stores such as TJ Maxx, Steinmart, Ross and Marshall’s. You can easily find new designer golf jerseys with country club logos at these stores for less than $ 10 each.

3) Men’s sizes are more universal than women’s, therefore it is a good item to sell online. Men know what size they wear and generally the size is valid between brands. Men’s sizing is not as complicated as women’s, as women’s clothing includes small sizes, plus size, maternity, and other size categories. Men’s clothing is less complicated to sell and simply lends itself to online shopping.

4) Generally speaking, men prefer Internet shopping to shopping in real life. Men prefer to go online, order 5-10 t-shirts, and have them delivered to their doorstep within the week, rather than spending hours at the mall looking around. (They’d rather play golf!) Internet shopping saves more time. Women generally enjoy the real-life shopping experience more than men.

5) Golfers are meticulous about their wardrobe. They like to look good on the field. They like to wear the leading brands with the prestigious field and tournament logos. (Even if they’ve never played a particular course, they can buy a shirt on eBay and tell whatever story they want!) An avid golfer can log into eBay and find a particular course’s logo on a shirt and have it on her hands. in a matter of days.

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