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Don’t worry if you can’t get close to people, especially if it’s not clear or easily seen verbatim! That’s a question many of us ask ourselves, at least from time to time. We have all evolved in so many ways and want to meet like-minded others. Evolution has many different forms.

For example, I am attracted to learn and participate in online workshops on food, diet, digestion and natural medicine. How are you evolving?

Evolution is more than a planetary event! The life experience that brings us closer to humanity and nature is precious! How can we be closer to nature and to each other? Together, society is collectively evolving. Get on the train with us!

*What do you need to do to start your journey? You feel that you are ready to allow yourself the necessary motivation for the main purpose: Connection with others.

Motivation, in my opinion, is a solid foundation for wanting to satiate an appetite that yearns for a positive change in the way you see yourself through the lens that you perceive yourself to be judged. Motivation is what gets us out of bed every day. He makes us exercise, garden, sing or whatever he does so that we participate in daily life with joy!

Purpose, in my opinion, is a vernacular for the word goal or mission. I don’t know if you would agree with me or not, so feel free to leave a comment or elaborate your position or opinion further. Dreams are the fulfillment of your wishes made in your life by what you did to attract them into your life in the first place. If you start working on your dreams, they become goals and goals become your mission.

Life Purpose: My goal is to be a messenger of the written or spoken word that brings about a shift in consciousness: to pick up or reveal more from positive versus negative perspectives.

With the media so biased and biased, it’s already hard to watch TV. We are growing and learning to ask more of our news, social media, and entertainment as we evolve into a higher form of rationalization and forward-thinking goals. I choose to evolve my writing style by learning more about what makes people choose to motivate themselves to be more interconnected with others. Motivation turns into actions that help you and me evolve faster, sometimes with the help of technology.

For example: Did you call the wrong company to help you with a new project or activity? Didn’t you make a new discovery? You did it. The reason: because he snapped out of his usual autopilot mode of thinking and let his mind expand and wander into uncharted territory. Going to a small, cozy and unknown cafe or pub can be an adventure that brings you a lot of joy and allows you to meet new people with new ideas. Sure, it’s awkward being the new face, but it’s also a new way to engage new people, thoughts, and ideas that you can follow.

That’s when experiencing something different becomes learning something new! Let your light of wisdom, knowledge or experience help or uplift others! ~ Others can learn by your strength or positive actions, even when you don’t realize someone is listening to you or looking at you, please know that they are! And you? Remember, when you’re talking about a new topic, you’re not talking on autopilot: you’re talking and thinking at the same time!

I enjoy learning from you and others continually offering me knowledge!

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